Jelpperi terrace or patio


Warm wooden terrace, patio or yard is peacefull place.

Terrace is place where you can spend time with your family and friends.

We will provide you various terrace and yard works and services:

  • Wooden terraces and patios
  • Wooden plantation boxes
  • Yard stone works
  • Yard or terrace tiling
  • Stairs and fairways
  • Plantation plans

Examples of our works:

Terrace / Patio

Wooden storages


Stairs / Fairways

  • Wooden terraces and patios
  • Building and construction
  • Purchase of equipments
  • Wooden pier
  • Wooden waterfronts
  • Building and construction
  • Purchase and moving
  • Woodwaste removal
  • Painting and fixing
  • Terrace plantings
  • Plantation plans
  • Lawn planting
  • Flower planting
  • Wooden stairs or fairways
  • Stone fairways or walkways
  • Stone parking spaces
  • Stone stairs

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